Puniska has an operating injectable manufacturing facility at Goa, India. This state-of-the-art injectable plant will give shape to the dreams of leading injectable scientists, chemists, and engineers.


In order to minimize human error and bring out 100% efficiency, our production facility makes use of automatic BFS production lines. Total five manufacturing lines are engaged to produce terminally sterilized products in various pack sizes start from 100 ML to 1000 ML in LDPE containers. Plant has sufficient capacity to cater to its valued customer requirement offering complete range of products both in the domestic and international market.



Puniska Injectables is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our team of Pharmacists, Microbiologists and Engineers plays an active role in the design and manufacture of our products overseeing all aspects of the process.


Promoters of Puniska Injectables and team has more than 30 years’ experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and benefits from continuous on and offsite training on the latest advances and practices in the pharmaceutical industry. The workmen are also trained personnel and have more than 15 years’ experience of operating in a Sterile Environment. Our process development, technology transfer and commercial execution teams collaborate seamlessly to provide best-in-class concept to commercialization timelines.

Quality Control

We follow strict and mature processes to ensure that quality is maintained at the highest levels. The Quality Control Department continuously monitors the quality of raw material, packing material, in process and finished products. It is well equipped for conducting chemical & microbiological tests. Strict quality control processes have been established, which include sampling and analysis, shelf life studies and internal GMP audits.

Quality Assurance

A separate Quality Assurance Department does strict quality checks during the manufacture and final release of all products. The manufacturing process occurs under stringent quality-controlled conditions. Puniska is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment covering every step of the process, from manufacturing through washing, sterilisation, filling and packing.

Our Quality Anthem

Harmonized Documentation

We have established global documentation structure to ensure harmonized processes, practices, methods, and approach throughout the organization. This belief enables planning, monitoring, and facilitating continuous improvement of product quality and regulatory compliance.

“Learning By Doing” Policy

“Learning by Doing” policy is an integral part of our quality culture. The process includes identification of gaps, their analysis, risk mitigation and taking corrective actions. This approach not only addresses the current issues but also inculcate continuous improvement culture. This prevents similar occurrences in the future, and emphasis more on HOW part then WHO.

Global Quality Metrics

The global quality metrics represent a selection of statistical analysis which have been agreed to at a management level globally. As part of innovation and continuous improvement, the selected quality indicators are monitored, assessed, and analysed on a routine basis.

Sustainable Quality

Our concept of quality is Quality by design (QbD). Developing and Manufacturing Quality products by adopting and implementing control strategy, identifying critical quality attributes, process understanding and product understanding. Across the organisation from R&D to Manufacturing sites. We have a quality target product profile (QTPP).

Data Governance

We are investing in electronic applications, enabling the organization to establish harmonized processes through automation, develop site level Quality metrics and indicators, and to put analysis and risk indication abilities to a new level of execution and control.